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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Email to the Heritage Foundation

Below is an email I sent to the Heritage Foundation a couple of days ago. As of yet, I haven't heard a reply--and really don't expect one because of the volume of emails I'm sure the Foundation receives.

But the content of the email is something I would direct to any government leader as well. Michael Chertoff casts REAL ID as a "no-brainer" and even manages to twist the rule into a boon for privacy.

But I never hear an answer for the real underlying concerns I have--which are expressed in this email.

What do you think?


Why do you, as so-called "conservatives", promote the REAL ID Act?

The REAL ID Act undermines the 4th Amendment (Are Americans "innocent until proven guilty," or are we "suspect until properly identified?")

The REAL ID Act undermines whatever vestiges of federalism remain. The Act may contain technicalities that avoid such a charge, but the spirit of the act undermines the goals of the Constitution.

The REAL ID Act creates an infrastructure for enforcing arbitrary and increasing numbers of regulations that liberals--and apparently "conservatives"--will not be afraid to add to the "minimum" standards. Instead of being free citizens, we will be people living under constant, real-time "permission" from the government to function in society.

The REAL ID Act also multiplies the effects of a surveillance society.

Will the REAL ID Act incorporate biometrics in the future? If not, why not? What guarantees do we have once we've thrown over our heritage of freedom by taking these first steps toward a national id card? Why do "free" people need to be tagged and tracked like cattle?

A driver's license should be just that--a license to drive: Not a license to function in society. The Constitution is supposed to the basis for functioning in a free society.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in "conservatives" who do nothing to conserve freedom.

I've not been a Republican all my life in order to promote the expansion of government--especially an expansion on this scale. (If REAL ID does not "really" expand the powers and abilities of government, then why are we doing it?) I have no confidence in Republicans to guard the trust of freedom.

You are wrong to support of REAL ID.

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