DHS Secretary Chertoff on REAL ID's "COUNTLESS OTHER" USES.


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Answer is Still No

The Anchorage Daily News posted an excellent opinion piece about REAL ID: The Answer is Still No:
Last week, Michael Chertoff, secretary of Homeland Security, unveiled revised rules for the REAL ID Act, which bombed beyond the Beltway after its passage in 2005. Seventeen states passed resolutions protesting it or prohibiting compliance. So Homeland Security tried to sweeten the deal by granting delays, slashing costs by a claimed 73 percent and exempting Americans 50 and older from carrying federally approved driver's licenses until 2017.

Red flag, citizens. If you can't peddle an idea without a fire sale and years of delay, it's probably not a good idea....

Critics point out that REAL ID would not make us safer. It would not have stopped Timothy McVeigh, a homegrown terrorist, nor would it guarantee the apprehension of foreign-born terrorists like those who carried out the attacks of 9/11. It might provide a limited tool against illegal immigration, and, Mr. Chertoff argues, identity theft. But tech trackers insist shared databases would increase opportunities for ID theft and other information hacking -- not to mention government-sanctioned invasions of privacy.

Paranoia? No, just knowledge of current events....
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Anonymous said...

It is sad that our Constitution is so abused by this and previous administrations. This country will never be the same if we police our citizens in this manner. What's even worse is that all the good people are leaving future "Canamerico" aka the north American union. Something must be done to get back on track with The Constitution, the only answer......paper ballot, write in vote for Ron Paul. He has read and understands the importance of The Constitution. Apparently the current admin has not read The Constitution since the 8th grade.

John R. said...


I am not opposing REAL ID based on any thoughts about an NAU.

Neither do I endorse Ron Paul--although he is correct about national id cards in principle...

Bush has been a REAL disappointment to conservatives--although I am thankful he was elected instead of Gore or Kerry.

Thanks for stopping by the blog.