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Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Good Editorial: Here comes a national ID card

The Sentinel of Carlisle, PA has a good editorial entitled Here Comes a National ID Card.

Regarding REAL ID:
Supporters of REAL ID take great pains to say the new driver’s licenses will not be a national identity card. But we predict that if REAL ID succeeds, it won’t be long before it is used for everything from check cashing to renting an apartment or that you’ll be required to produce it if you’re walking down the street at night and a police officer doesn’t like your looks.

If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds state laws requiring “official” photo identification to vote, you can bet it will soon be REAL ID poll workers will be asking for.

And because they will be bar-coded, the probability will be high that REAL ID can be used to track an individual’s movements over years.

This is not what America is about.
For a lot more from this article, go here.

The REAL ID will become not only a driver's license, but a banking license, a flying license, and a visit-the-Capitol license (federal buildings).

How long until it becomes a Buy Ammunition License, Get Utilities License, Buy a Home License, Attend Sporting Events License, Enter a School License, and a Walk Down the Street License?

How many other arbitrary rules and uses can be added to REAL ID?

Are people free if they need constant, real-time, electronic, federal-government permission to function in society?

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