DHS Secretary Chertoff on REAL ID's "COUNTLESS OTHER" USES.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Watching REAL ID? Go to DHS REAL ID Webcast

Go here for the following:

Welcome to the site of the National Town Hall on REAL ID sponsored jointly by the Department of Homeland Security and the State of California.

The webcast will occur on Tuesday, May 1st from 10 AM to 2 PM Pacific Time. You may submit comments via an email link that will be provided on this website approximately 90 minutes before the broadcast.

The topics to be addressed include: consumer issues, verification, privacy/security, funding, and law enforcement.

I'm not anticipating a discussion of American principles of freedom that preclude national identification schemes from a free society.

I expect to hear, "This is what we're doing. Here is how it works. Those against it are stupid and/or don't care about the country. We're the government; trust us. Thanks for coming! Now go get your ID."


blueridgewv said...

Good update and summary. Typical of the Bush regime and post-9/11 government, the FEAR card was played. Interesting, however, since there is no hard evidence of the 19 "arab hijackers" alleged to have committed the attacks, and there are no Arab names on the flight manifests, no identifiable bodies, and at least 6 proven by BBC to be still alive! They use 9/11 as the SOLE FOUNDATION for REAL ID, but without credible evidence, nothing but allegation riddled with errors and illogical arguments. States that resist should sue the Fed for the rights of their citizens to fly, use trains, enter fed buildings, et al, and the extra-constitutional Dept of Homeland Tyranny (America's Gestapo) should be abolished.

You might be interested in West Virginia's pending legislation against REAL ID, can be found at this site:


John R. said...


I don't agree with your statements about evidence--and don't want to get into a whole "thing" about it--but you are welcome to comment here.

I believe we do have to fight the war on terror. I just hate to change America into something unrecognizable to do it.

John R.