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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It Never Stops at a "Minimum"

Companies set to profit by a national identification card are not satisfied with the current 2D barcode standard in the REAL ID regulations:
PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ, May 8, 2007–The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should not rely on static 2D barcode technology to store citizens’ personal information on REAL ID driver’s licenses or identification cards due to its inherent security drawbacks, according to the Smart Card Alliance’s comments in response to the DHS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on minimum standards for REAL ID cards.

Instead, the Alliance strongly recommends that DHS raise the security level for state-issued driving credentials to equal that which has been mandated in other federal programs, namely by using smart card technology.

If we do not fight the concept of a national identification system, the question will not be "Will this be intrusive to the freedom of the American individual?" The question will be "How intrusive will it be?"

And the answer will be "Very."

Once the door is opened, and 2D barcodes are found to be inadequate for "security," the government will have to start booking Americans through biometrics. The pressure to do so is here now--and it won't go away:

Smart cards, on the other hand, support:

  • The encryption of sensitive data, both on the credential and during communications with an external reader

  • Digital signatures which can be used to ensure data integrity

  • Multiple digital signatures which are required if different authorities create data stored on the card

  • Advanced security technologies such as public key cryptography and biometrics

  • Many conservatives think the REAL ID Act is a "reasonable" measure.

    I would rather stand on principles--American principles.

    National Id Cards are against everything America is supposed to be.

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