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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CATO Institute: REAL ID Rebellion Comes to Illinois

Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, writes that REAL ID Rebellion Comes to Illinois:
REAL ID-compliant licenses will have a nationally uniform machine-readable technology, most likely a 2D bar code. Government officials would be able to scan us like cans of peaches at the grocery store. We do not want to follow the lead of places like the Soviet Union, apartheid South Africa, and more recently genocide-scarred Rwanda, where national IDs were put to very harmful uses.

In addition to the $17 billion implementation cost, REAL ID will overwhelm already strained DMVs across the country, especially in Illinois with its nearly 13 million people. That is a lot of paperwork. Lines and waiting times are long enough as it is.

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I've often thought that people in Washington, DC breath the water and drink the air of "having to do something--whether it is good or not." They are too used to being in control and spending other peoples' money.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: I'm against the "open-border" mentality that our legislators and Presidents have exhibited in the past. But their failure to deal with the issue in recent years is no excuse to overturn the principles of freedom embedded in our heritage and in our Constitution.

What is sad and confusing is that so-called "conservatives" want to use the government's failure as an excuse to bloat its presence in the lives of the individuals. On this issue, many "conservatives" are inconsistent. They say they believe in "limited government." But they support a national id card that creates a platform for immense power and presence for the government.

How many arbitrary and crazy regulations will be more easily enforced through the means of a national id card? Do people really believe that the "minimum" uses will not accrue into various and many uses? How naive and foolish!

I honestly think some people hate illegal immigrants more than they love America-- the ideas that made America free and great.

Just because someone steals something from my house does not make me want to burn my house down. But several "conservatives" are having just such a knee-jerk reaction.

TERRORISM: Here is an interesting quote from Harper's article:
REAL ID proponents are incorrect in stating that a national ID would reduce terrorism; most terror attacks occur in countries that have national ID cards. REAL ID would not add to our country's protections. All that will change is that the terrorists would have to wait in long lines and fill out more paperwork — along with every law-abiding, native-born citizen.

This national id card (REAL ID) leaves the difficult decisions of border control against terrorism undone, but it does enhance the government's ability to track law-abiding citizens, citizens who need relief from a government that is just way too big.

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Superb Jon said...

Power Grab Inherent in Claims of Identity Fraud. You would not have the issue of identity theft if the socialists did not create this artifice of identity to begin with in order to practise redistribution. Under Common Law, any identity may be assumed provided it is not fraudulent. Latin casuistry disagrees because it despises our legal system.