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Monday, May 14, 2007

In America Things Are Supposed to Be Different

In America, the government is supposed to be suspect--and constantly watched. The citizens are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.

With a national id card, we capitulate to the thinking that citizens are suspect (until properly identified), and the government should have the power of watching.

In America, the government is supposed to be limited as much as possible. The individual is supposed to have as much freedom as possible.

With a national id card, the individual functions--not on his God-given, Constitution-recognized rights--but on the good graces of a government that allows access to society in a software-maze of “red-light/green-light.”

The technocrat rises.

The individual disappears into the digital collective.

A national id card brings the presence of the central government closer to the individual than its ever been. And freedom fades.

Under the current trend, we hear more and more of our obligations to an ever-present government.

We hear very little of the philosophy that made this country great.

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