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Monday, January 22, 2007

One Bad Idea Usually Leads to Another

Suzanne Cameron posted an article entitled What To Do About Illegal Aliens – Part II from The Family Security Foundation, Inc.

While I agree with some points of the article (i.e. the need to stop illegal immigration, etc.), I whole-heartedly disagree with some of the proposed solutions. The article calls for biometrics on Social Security Cards--and further burdens on businesses to be the front line agents against illegal immigration. (We have a role reversal here: Government providing for citizens and private citizens protecting our borders....)

We should not destroy what America is in the name of defending America. What a contradiction!

Social Security was a bad idea gone wrong. We need to back away from being a welfare state altogether. Not impose restrictions on hard-fought freedoms by another massive increase in government power over the lives of individuals--in order to "protect" something that needs to go away anyway.

If we privatize social security completely--allowing citizens to own what they earn--then we don't have to worry about illegals coming in and living off the system.

But we seem to be stuck in the loop entitled "One Bad Idea Deserves Another."

When freedom of the individual is disregarded in one area (Social Security), it inevitably is disregarded in another (using biometrics, numbers, and/or RFID to book innocent civilians and track them through a national database.)

Let's not sell our birthright, America.

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