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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The More You Know...

Want to know more about what biometrics companies have in store for society? Look around.

Here is the FxAlert System:

FxAlert is a face recognition product for video surveillance which allows automatic identification against a list of registered person stored in database. It is designed and optimized for applications related to Identification that performs 1 to N facial recognition. To allow for scalability, high performance and high availability even with huge image databases, FxAlert deploys the client-server architecture, one single Watch-list Station can connect with multiple Tracking Stations to speed up the lookup process.

FxAlert can be run on any standard PC workstation hardware. Processor, RAM and hard disk requirements are moderate. While hardware requirements for any Tracking Station machine depend on the number of cameras operated at this machine only, requirements for a Watchlist Station depend on the overall number of video streams operated by the system and the rate of face images incident on each video stream. Normally, 4 faces per second can be processed per video stream against a watch list of 100,000 people.

FxAlert can:
  • Continuous identification of faces in video streams from one or more cameras at different locations against a watch list.

  • Results of identifications (alerts) are stored into the database, where they can be extracted for post processing.

  • Watchlist administration: creation and administration of personal data, whose extent is configurable, and biometric data within the database.

  • Graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) for alert visualization and administration, watchlist administration, and FxAlert system monitoring.

  • Operation of the system can be made traceable by means of configurable, comprehensive logging facilities.

  • Support of any common Database system.

  • Read more here.

    I'll be posting information on these new systems that threaten our the freedoms--supposedly protected by the Bill of Rights. Companies like RCG are creating these systems. Here is some of what RCG has planned:

    Already a leader in the Asia Pacific region, RCG now plans aggressive expansion into different parts of the world with its all-in-one biometrics and RFID applications.

    RCG solutions can be applied to a number of vertical industries such as aviation, healthcare, logistics and real estate; RCG products are innovative in design and provide flexible multi-factor authentication to further enhance security. We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers because we understand each customer has different security needs.

    At RCG, we have also implemented an aggressive growth strategy with a clear focus on developing new businesses. Our strength as both a biometric and RFID application solutions provider is the key to our continuous success.

    These companies are concerned about making money. Freedom doesn't matter. Their motto must be "Because We Can, We Should."

    I say, "We don't have to do anything stupid."

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