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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jim Babka Offers Some Hope: The REAL ID Act is in REAL trouble.

"I just learned some exciting things during a conference call with one our coalitions. The REAL ID Act is in REAL trouble. We're going to have a lot more details to share, probably later this month, but let's add to the trouble by sending the new Congress another blast on this one.

For those reading this who don't know, the REAL ID Act is a law Congress passed that will eventually impose a national ID card on the American people. This ID card would have many features of an internal passport, like the old police states of Europe used to have, and it will also impose tremendous new burdens and slow-downs on you every time you have to go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. One of the worst features of these cards is likely to be RFID chips that will allow the government (and others) to track you electronically.

We strongly believe this is a law that must be repealed. We also believe it can be. The new Congress hasn't heard from us yet on this one. So let's make the first noise they hear on this issue a LOUD ONE. Please send a message to Congress right now demanding the repeal of the REAL ID Act. You can do so HERE "
Babka's organization has more info. I'm not in total agreement with everything they say, but this is a battle anyone with a strand of American thinking can fight.

Biometrics and REAL ID are "on the face of it" contrary to what America has been about. - JR

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