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Thursday, January 25, 2007

National ID Cards: A Perspective from Bangladesh

Kazi Mustafa Kamal says there's No option to national ID cards in Bangladesh.

If it [a national id card] is introduced in our country, it will assist the election commission to hold free and fair election, will cooperate with the law enforcing agency in nabbing the criminals and give them access to the government offices. Those who have been demanding early election ignoring the necessity of ID cards they are impractical and want to create state of lawlessness once again. To get rid of the influence of the black money in election and to free the election from the muscle power, there is no second option to ID card.

This kind of talk makes one wonder how civilization has survived these thousands of years without digitizing citizens into virtual people who must conform to the herd?

There is always a better way to massive, centralized power in the hands of a few.

The problem is-- it takes work, personal responsibility, and the belief in freedom.

Lost virtues, these...

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