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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Governor signs bill to keep Arizona out of `Real ID'

Arizona stands against the REAL ID Act: For more, go here.

Missouri also joins the fray.

Anyone in Washington listening?


Anonymous said...

Anyone in Washington listening you ask? According to the latest from Cato, the answer is no:


What is most disturbing about this is not that this amounts essentially to payola to "friends" who helped in the losing cause of REAL ID along the way, but that it is going to AAMVA, an international 501c3 that counts Canada and Mexico as members. That is a mistake at so many levels, and only reinforces the distrust many have for REAL ID and DHS in general as these important decisions get outsourced outside of Congress. Now we have to worry about Canadian and Mexican bureaucrats making "harmonized" decisions for us? RFID is rampant in Mexico, and Canada seems to be pushing hard for RFID 'enhanced drivers licenses', which is just REAL ID by a different name. Turning our licenses into NAFTA passports is a mistake no matter what name DHS tries to put to it.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you want to add some salt to the wounds, DHS is getting good at: they picked Missouri for no other reason I can tell other than that State Rep. Jim Guest is from there. http://newstribune.com/articles/2008/06/22/news_state/192state01real.txt

Guest has been the most vocal opponent to REAL ID from the States. Jim should be both upset and proud at the same time. The Governor there seems to have been willing to go along with this for a minmum of DHS goodies, another reason why putting the same Department who enforces things in charge of dispersing money to the states as a conflict of interest. This is essentially government lobbying government. The state gets money, and we lose freedoms.