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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rejecting National ID

The American Spectator has a good article on REAL ID: Rejecting National ID by Jim Harper.
With so many states on record opposing REAL ID, the feds have been shifting through numerous stories trying to justify their national ID. First, they said it was a national security tool. But by now everyone realizes how easy it would be for criminal organizations and terrorists to avoid or defeat a national ID system.

Then REAL ID became a way to control illegal immigration. But it has the same defects here too. Illegal immigrants will use a mix of forgery, fraud, and corruption at any motor vehicles bureau in the country to get around REAL ID. Driving illegal immigrants further into criminality deepens the problem rather than fixing it. And should law-abiding American citizens really have to carry a national ID to get at illegal immigrants? Just who is the criminal here?

Next, we were told that having a national ID was about identity fraud. But putting our personal information, Social Security Numbers, and basic identity documents like birth certificates into a nationwide string of government databases is a recipe for more identity theft, not less.

WHEN THE Department of Homeland Security came out with the final REAL ID regulations last month, a top official threw the department's final Hail Mary, suggesting that REAL ID could be used to control access to cold medicine. That's right: cold medicine. The lesson? Once a national ID system is in place, the federal government will use it for tighter and tighter control of every American.
Conservatives who love the concepts of individual freedom and limited government will do all they can to reject a national id card--not promote one.

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Julie said...

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate addressing this Real ID card. He is also the only true conservative Republican. George Dubya a Republican?? NO WAY. Closer to a dictator than anything else.

blueridgewv said...

Republicans are beginning to defend individual liberty again, finally, recognizing the threat in measure like REAL ID. West Virginia is presently in the midst of acting against it, against the objections of a democratic governor.

John R. said...


That's good news. It is an uphill battle because this mess is already law.


Julie said...

Correct, it is a federal law. BUT, if enough states oppose this we will have beaten this thing....for now. We must keep fighting this sort of invasion.