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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Did Heritage Sell Out?

Liberty Author and Columnist John Longenecker objects to the Heritage Foundation’s position in favor of Real ID, America’s National ID Card:
"I’ve long admired the Foundation for its patriotism, and we are members," says liberty author and columnist John Longenecker, "But the Foundation’s position on Real ID is all wrong."
I've simply been amazed at how quickly my fellow conservatives are willing to undermine freedom of the individual, expand the power of government, and create a new electronic infrastructure for massive, arbitrary, and expanding regulations.

It seems that we are all afflicted with the "can't see beyond our noses" disease.

Solutions that undermine the principles of freedom are not worthy to apply to any problem.


Anonymous said...

Heritage Foundation is CFR. What did you expect?

Anonymous said...

They're not just Council of Foreign Relations. They are corporate shills. Many private "think tanks" are nothing but a new breed of private public partnerships that do the public relations for government, our tax dollars at work.

John R. said...


It is all about the principles of freedom for me. I'm not into "conspiracies."

I simply wish so-called conservatives would explain how expanding the presence and power of the national government is anywhere near the principles underlying the Constitution.

REAL ID creates an infrastructure for massive regulation on individuals.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

john r.,

Why is it that all the 2008 presidential candidates that were members of the CFR, or had advisors who were members of the CFR, were in favor of Real ID?
Why is it that all the 2008 presidential candidates that were not members of the CFR, and had no advisors who were members of the CFR, were opposed to Real ID?

Before you condem me as a "conspiracy nut" why don't you read "The Late Great USA" by Jerome Corsi and find out the truth about the CFR. Jerome Corsi's not a "conspiracy nut" and neither am I.

John R. said...


To answer your questions:

#1: I don't know.
#2. I don't know.
#3. Don't have tme.

I don't "condemn" you for anything. Does having a different angle on something "condemning?" The only thing I condemn with the blog is the REAL ID Act.

I appreciate you stopping by the blog. REAL ID is something everyone should oppose--and discuss.

I'm just trying to tell you where I'm coming from.

Superb Jon said...

Power Grab Inherent in Claims of Identity Fraud. You would not have the issue of identity theft if the socialists did not create this artifice of identity to begin with in order to practise redistribution. Under Common Law, any identity may be assumed provided it is not fraudulent. Latin casuistry disagrees because it despises our legal system.