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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mike Huckabee: An Interview

Mike Huckabe was interviewed about a variety of issues. Here is what he said about REAL ID:

There have been some things in this particular administration that have been troubling to me. I'm certainly a 10th Amendment guy. I'm a federalist at heart. I think Jefferson was right and Hamilton was wrong. And at times this administration seems to have become Hamiltonian and not Jeffersonian. For example, with REAL ID, that's a huge mistake. It's putting a burden on a state that should not be the state's function, which is to provide the frontline of national security defense at the hands of a DMV worker at a state office. That's absurd. And then not funding it. That's a real problem. If you're going to have federal program then the feds ought to pay for it.

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I have to ask again: Is REAL ID a headache because it is inherently an affront to our heritage of freedom or because it is expensive?

The answer is both.

The disturbing fact is many see the problem of REAL ID in purely financial terms.


Anonymous said...

At one of the debates, Mike Huckabee said that the government should be able to track people like FedEx tracks packages.

John R. said...


If that's so, we can't count on Republicans to stand for "limited government" despite all their rhetoric.


"Renee" said...

You are right, JR...but there is ONE Republican that has proven for the past 30 years that he WILL stand for limited government no matter what. Even strong Democrats are supporting him because of his stand for freedom for all. Check out www.ronpaul2008.com