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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Looking Beyond Our Noses: "Judge Calls for a DNA Bank to Cover Everyone

The TimesOnline (UK) reports that
A senior judge has called for the entire population and anyone visiting Britain to have their DNA placed on a national database.

Lord Justice Sedley said that a nationwide bank of DNA profiles would help to tackle crime and correct an imbalance in profiles stored by police.
This is an important story because bad ideas have a way of spreading--and the justifications for destroying the individual to facilitate an ever-increasing "statism" are endless.
There are 4.1 million people whose DNA is recorded on the police computer, more than in any other country. The vast majority of the profiles were obtained by arresting officers who are allowed to take samples from anyone detained for a “recordable offence” – a crime that could lead to imprisonment. The samples are kept whether the person is convicted or acquitted.

Sir Stephen Sedley, one of England’s most experienced Appeal Court judges, claims that it would be fairer to obtain the DNA from the whole of the British population whether involved in crime or not.

I can hear a dam giving way.

I am continually amazed at the lemming-like folks who have "no problem" with such a massive power-grab by any government. The first two reader comments display an inability to stand against the tide of group-think. For example:
I don't see how people can complain when we already have a driving licence, passport and other such identity documents. (The "Its Already Bad So Let's Make it Worse Fallacy".)

So with the proper protective measures in place I am ok handing my DNA profile to the authorities. (The "I Don't Have Any Sense of Personal Dignity" Fallacy combined with the "My DNA is not My Personal Property" conclusion and the "I Trust Everyone With Power and Cannot Think For Myself" inclination.)

The discouraging fact is that Americans increasingly think the same way.

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