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Monday, April 2, 2007

The More You Know...#3

What's going on in the world if identification and business?

Is there anything we can learn from what people are thinking?

Check out this article about IBM in the Burlington Free Press. The article is dated today.

IBM is starting a "new endeavor" at its Essex Junction facility and plans to produce electronic passport inlays and electronic identification cards this year, the company said Friday....

"It fits well with our business because there is a way to blend our chip technology capability with this capability for electronic cards," Couture said.

Passports, "smart-cards" or any other types of identification cards potentially could be produced with a microchip embedded in them to store information securely, he said.

They also have the capability to track where the document or card is through radio frequency identification, or RFID, he said.

"It can be used to store information. It can be used to track. I don't know how they are using these in each country," Couture said. "The technology is there to do any of that."

The more you know....

Read the entire article here. It is written by Dan McLean, Free Press Staff Writer

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