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Monday, April 23, 2007

Fair and Balanced: An Editorial Promoting Real Id

Dave Chase wrote an opinion piece entitled The Constitution Gives Government a Mandate promoting the REAL ID Act in the Lake Sun Leader (Serving Lake of the Ozarks).

His article is subtitled "A view from a Camden County Republican."
I agree that the behemouth of government moves in slow and jerky progress and sometimes even in the wrong direction, but it is trying to fill one of the mandates of the Constitution, to protect our lives and our country from those who really want to kill us or make us embrace their religion.

This is the real threat to the future of our children and grandchildren. Privacy is important in our lives but in times of national emergencies, it is more important that the government have the facts.

Tell all the people blown to bits in Iraq every day that diplomacy is the answer.

Then get our of my way so I can get a National ID card.

Read more here.

I have real problems with Mr. Chase's reasoning on this point because I don't think he's looking down the road far enough. Even though he identifies himself as a Republican, I have questions about his being really conservative.

I encourage anyone interested in seeing both sides of the debate to his article.

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