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Monday, March 5, 2007

Looking Across the Pond: DNA 'WILL BE STOLEN' FROM ID CARDS

Read the quote below from this article, and think again, as Americans, about the concept of nationa id cards. If you accept this kind of thinking without any hesitation, you had better check up on your common-sense-o-meter and your awareness of what American freedom is all about.

Mr Clarke, who is filmed providing his own genetic sample to Britain’s fast-growing DNA database, raised the idea of merging that database with the ID cards scheme.

“We should all put our DNA on the DNA database, not just to help catch criminals but in the future to be the ultimate biometric key to our identity and all the information held about us on databases,” he said.

Schemes like national identification have histories, contexts, possibilities, and agendas.

They don't grow in isolation--and one bad idea usually deserves another.

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