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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Unmasking the REAL ID Act: VIDEO

Here is a video promoting the REAL ID Act. Identity issues for everyone! Freedom is no longer America's principle driving force. Our driving force is now suspicion, fear, and the need to "identify" everyone in society.

I typed this post while watching the video:

Here are key euphemisms:

"MINIMUM STANDARDS" - These "minimum standards" are a giant leap in the wrong direction by using biometrics.

Biometrics "books" every citizen--criminal or not--for the purposes of tracking. Big brother really wants to watch you.

"STATES CHOOSE TO COMPLY:" This "choice" is forced upon life-long citizens who want to function in their own country. But to function, we can no longer be free individuals. REAL ID is reductionistic: reducing citizens in to a computer file--a string of digits--to live in a software maze of "red light/green light."

"WE DON'T HAVE A NATIONAL ID CARD:" "Nobody had any intent of creating a national id card. That is what this act is trying to prevent from happening."


This video continues to promote the "It's Already Bad, So Let's Make It Work" fallacy in the issues of identity.

The issue is more than "privacy." It is freedom from an ever-present central government. Are there no folks talking about 4th Amendment issues? Where is the word "Constitution" in the debate?

"THE GOVERNMENT IS PRETTY SENSITIVE TO THESE ISSUES." So just trust us! We're the government!

This is extortion from the federal government. It will "disadvantage" citizens who don't comply. There is a "stick" to this measure. "Stick" sounds tyrannical to me.

This video is blatant propaganda.

Watch it and learn.

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