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Monday, May 19, 2008

Sensenbrenner: "We need to act like Republicans and vote like Republicans."

John Nichols reports that Sensenbrenner's outburst on Real ID sours GOP lovefest. He notes that the U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin remarked, "We need to act like Republicans and vote like Republicans."

My point exactly!

I've not been a Republican all my life simply to see Orwellian measures like the REAL ID Act made into law--by so-called "conservatives" no less... I thought that fighting this kind of stuff was part of what the Cold War was all about.

I can only hope that Mr. Sensenbrenner can rethink his pet surveillance mandate (REAL ID)--and act like a Republican.

Read the opinion piece Sensenbrenner's real wrong to attack Huebsch on Real ID.

Read 'The Sensenbrenner Tax' abandons true conservatism.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly right. No real conservative would go along with REAL ID except for knee jerk reactionaries who read only soundbites. Most do not understand what the law really does, let alone have read it. The Republicans have led the charge against national IDs for decades,and needs to continue to do so if we are to continue to believe in limited government and liberty.