DHS Secretary Chertoff on REAL ID's "COUNTLESS OTHER" USES.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.

A Washingtonpost.com story reports:
The Bush administration said yesterday that it plans to start using the nation's most advanced spy technology for domestic purposes soon, rebuffing challenges by House Democrats over the idea's legal authority.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said his department will activate his department's new domestic satellite surveillance office in stages, starting as soon as possible with traditional scientific and homeland security activities -- such as tracking hurricane damage, monitoring climate change and creating terrain maps.

Sophisticated overhead sensor data will be used for law enforcement once privacy and civil rights concerns are resolved, he said. The department has previously said the program will not intercept communications.

"There is no basis to suggest that this process is in any way insufficient to protect the privacy and civil liberties of Americans," Chertoff wrote to Reps. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) and Jane Harman (D-Calif.), chairmen of the House Homeland Security Committee and its intelligence subcommittee, respectively, in letters released yesterday.
The reason Mr. Chertoff can say things like this is that DHS--led by Republicans--has abandoned any thought whatsoever about our Constitutional heritage of freedom.

People who cannot see the massive increase in government desire, capability, and will to abandon any vestiges of freedom need to be jolted from their stupor. REAL ID is just one expression of this trend.

The Republicans have lost their minds.

Where are conservatives to go?

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Gary Rea said...

You're on the right track, but you're wrong in believing this is a "Republican" conspiracy. Democrats voted for the Real ID Act, also. In fact, both the so-called "left" and the so-called "right" serve the same agenda.

Your viewpoint is exactly what those who are really in power want it to be; i.e., you are taking sides in a false dichotomy (left vs. right, Republican vs. Democrat, "conservatives" vs. "liberals"), just as the rulers of our puppet government desire us to, because it keeps us divided and fighting against each other, while ignoring the true culprits. This tactic is known as the Hegelian Dialectic. It has been in use for quite some time by the world's elite for the purpose of dividing and conquering us.

Did you know that Bill Clinton (and now Hillary), as well as John Kerry, are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an organization that has publicly stated its goal is to eliminate national sovereignty and to establish a world government? George H.W. Bush is also CFR. In fact, the Bushes and the Clintons have been friends for decades, behind the scenes. Both John Kerry and George W. Bush were in Skull & Bones. Bill Clinton signed U.N. treaties that ceded away U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., which was created as the future seat of a world government. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. NAFTA is the "trade agreement" that has enabled the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to begin "integrating" the governments of the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a "North American Community."

REAL ID is just ANOTHER step - not the first - on the road toward a police state. Not a "Republican" police state, not a "Democrat" police state, but a corporate police state that ultimately serves the interests of monopoly capitalists who have ruled our nation - and, indeed, the world - from behind the scenes, via central banks and the strangehold on our money, for nearly a century.

Mussolini said the term "fascism" should be changed to "corporatism" because that's what it is: and alliance between government and corporate interests. This has become our reality. We are living in the beginnings of an openly fascist police state.

But, don't take MY word for it. Instead, read the words of those who know - including some of the very people who are the culprits:

Anonymous said...

More news came out of DC this week when the Senate had hearings, but much of the news continued to deal with cost, the number one issue for states but a low on the list concern for most citizens. Commentary on those hearings here:


Of interesting note, CATO will soon be doing a webcast with Governor Sanford of South Carolina that will be must see TV. That will be on May 7th, and should cover the issues beyond cost that the Senate does not seem to understand is the least of most people's concerns


John R. said...


Thank you for your comment and links.


Anonymous said...

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