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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is This Where Republicans Want to Take Us?

Police want DNA from speeding drivers and litterbugs on database...

This is an issue in the UK, but what goes on around the world affects us--at least in our thinking. I honestly want to know if the so-called conservatives promoting national id cards, immediate employer verification, REAL ID, and biometric social security cards have thought about how far they are willing to go in undermining freedom?
Police are seeking powers to take DNA samples from suspects on the streets and for non-imprisonable offences such as speeding and dropping litter.

The demand for a huge expansion of powers to take DNA comes as a government watchdog announced the first public inquiry into the national DNA database.

Read more here.

Also, here is an example of home-grown "conservatives" promoting REAL ID.

Obviously, both Republicans and Democrats adore big-government power.


Mike Kraft said...

Actually our article only mentions the REAL ID act, and an example of inactivity of ANY KIND by democrats in Oregon.

"House Republicans are prepared to pass serious reforms to secure our drivers licenses, state services and voting rights,
and to demand that state government enforces the laws that are on the books"

It does not promote it, it mentions it then promotes work raids and license restriction, and other common sense ways to enforce current US laws.

But thanks for the link, and th misleading line leading up to it.

Mike Kraft said...

Actually there isnt a single line promoting, advocating, supporting and mentioning REAL ID in a positive way other than to say Democrats shoot it down "along with other bills designed to stop illegal immigration".

But again thanks for reading and the link.

We just had another incident in SC, two muslim men 20 and 24 pulled over with explosives in the trunk. One legal one not.

John R. said...


Thanks for your clarifying comment. I am not interested in just "busting" somebody in the mouth. I have gone back to re-read your article.

Its title is "Oregon House Aiding Illegals." So I assume your position is coming from a certain perspective rather than a simply cold objective reporting of facts. (I do not doubt that the title/conclusion is true.)

Here is how I read your article:

Having established your title/conclusion, you wrote "The majority party has buried several bills to strengthen the integrity of Oregon’s citizenship and
residency laws, and have delayed implementing the federal Real ID Act to combat fraud and
identity theft."

So I associated your support with the stated goals of the REAL ID Act.

And--are not the House Republicans an example of people supporting REAL ID when they "challenge the majority party to pass all provisions of the 'Sensible Immigration Reform Package' introduced by Rep. Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) and Rep. Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) in February, including enforcing the Real ID Act..."

I am grateful that you have commented here because I am open to clarification and correction. I am just responding to show how I came to the conclusion I did.

As to the "misleading line," I suppose you mean the title of this post. But the title is indeed an honest question--a question born out of seeing conservatives promoting a functioning national id card. I see an inherent contradiction in conservative ideals and implementing such a program.

I want us to look down the road further than what we seem to be doing. I always thought such measures would come from big-government loving liberals.

Why conservatives?

Mike said...

Not My article completely, my comments upon it.

I dont pretend to be objective, as common sense realy has no argument against it in the immigration debate.

One side says read and follow the current laws, the other says "dont do that".

There really is no legal or common sense argument to full enforcement, Liberals cloud the issue to try and hide their lack of a real argument for crime.

I will learn as much as you about Real ID before I attempt to agree thoughtfully or debate on your expertise issue.

Best Wishes from Charlotte.

Mike Kraft