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Friday, July 6, 2007

National ID Cards in India: Future Promise of E-Governance

In America, politicians like to talk about narrow uses for certain measures. These "minimum standards" or "narrow uses" usually increase beyond their initially established parameters.

Proponents of REAL ID like to talk about "minimum standards" for ID that will be used for entering nuclear power plants. Often they forget to tell you that the REAL ID will be required for banking--which affects our daily lives.

How many more uses will be added to this national id card? How many arbitrary rules can be enforced with this efficient method of control?

We have to look around and see what people in the world are saying. We have to look beyond the politicians in the U.S. who oftentimes speak for manipulative effect.

Consider India.
Future promise of e-governance

The next five years will see e-governance going beyond transactions to do much, much more.

Sunil Chandiramani, Partner, Ernst & Young talked about the future of e-governance. He started off with a quick recap of what has been done to date. India has transformed significantly over the past few years...

The next five years will see much more. Focusing on some key areas could accelerate the speed of implementation of NeGP—multi-purpose, secure, authentic, unique national citizen identity database; Greater harmonization of initiatives between the centre and states; equitable partnerships with the private sector; accelerated rural connectivity; building common storage and processing capacities between or amongst the states and the centre to optimise investments and cost of maintenance; capacity building and change management as well as delayed projects and accelerated costs – monitoring and evaluation.

Chandiramani posed a provocative question: “Do we restrict e-governance to transactions or do more than that?”
(emphasis added) ExpressComputerOnline.com

“Do we restrict e-governance to transactions or do more than that?”

Once REAL ID becomes part of our national infrastructure, I predict we will be hearing this question more and more.

The politicians just won't be able to resist.

It's sad that most Americans aren't either.

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