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Friday, June 1, 2007

Hating Illegals More than Loving Freedom

Sadly, many conservatives despise illegal immigrants so much that they are ready to throw in the towel on our freedoms, our heritage, and our Constitution.

They throw away these precious gifts--purchased with blood and sacrifice--only to reach for a society where the individual is reduced to a digital collective: REAL ID, Biometric Social Security Cards, EEVS, DHS approval to work...

I've told my congressman and senators that I don't hate illegal immigrants more than I love freedom. (I don't hate them period...) I should not have to have federal government approval in order live and work in this country. My "papers" should be the Constitution.


Its an ideal sealed in blood.

I wish "conservatives" still held it as a worthy goal.

The government should stop the illegal crossings at the border. It shouldn't use its failure to do its job as an excuse to become something we've stood against since 1776.

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Anonymous said...

The only prayer to roll back in a counter-revolution against the elements of fascism being setup is to elect a President who will stand against it, instead of using the despots plea of "necessity". Ron Paul is the only republican that could be trusted to do that, and he was interviewed at length today by New Hampshire public radio here: